Friday Tunes - Cheesy Tray Bake Without the Tray Bake

Last week we looked at some records that are considered all time classics and should probably never be covered by lesser bands (although opinion was divided as to the 'classicness' of some of them)

This week I thought I'd revisit the idea of cheese. There is some real cheesy shite out there, some good for a laugh, some good for a holiday piss up and some that just should never have been made

Here's a few of my, erm, favourites. Listen and enjoy, if you have the constitution for heavy cheese

When we visited Nashville, we went to a show at the Opry, because it had to be done. We booked for the Saturday night, because Billy Ray Cyrus was playing. When we turned up, we'd got the days wrong. He's been on the night before. Don't know if gutted or releived

I hope Midge Ure doesn't read my blog. Joe Dolce stopped Ultravox getting thier first number one

I've played that one before on this blog and that's because I like it. And I make no apology

I quite like that one too. I still have a copy on 45. Again with the no apology

When I used to DJ for the functions, years ago, I had a bit of a dance I used to do to that record. I'll not go into detail, you'll need the mind bleach

Correct me if I'm wrong, but was that not a Eurovision entry? If I'm not wrong, we didn't deserve to win shit with that one

That one was from an era where everyone was pretty much smacked off their tits and let's face it, you'd have to be pretty much off your head to write that pile of nonsensical nonsense

I couldn't decide what to do for the last one, there's so much choice, unfortunately, so here's a bit of Benny

As always, enjoy your weekend

I thought snowflakes were only millenials

Man's outrage after buying slippers with 'swastika' pattern from Burnley suppliers

Can you beleive it? You buy a pair of slippers and they have Nazi symbols all over them


There's a swastika in there somewhere, but you've really got to want to see it

Mr Purdie said he was worried that Jewish families might buy the same slippers.

Many Jewish people probably own them, but haven't made the connection between a sole pattern and a swastika

Somebody needs to grow up

The 81-year-old,


Don't try to solve problems with progressive bollocks

How everyday language casually stigmatises obesity – and what to do about it

This has the makings of some terrible bollocks. The headline itself suggests a coming attempt to change 'everyday language' in the manner of the progressive, who wants to amend the meaning of words to fit a given narrative.
Terms like 'casual racism' and 'casual sexism' are being used to suggest that normal language is in fact wrong. It's an attempt to make us think in the same way as the progressive by changing the meaning of our language

So let's see how it goes

Obesity is a highly stigmatised condition. Those with obesity are frequently subject to prejudice and ridicule at home, school, work and even from health care professionals. Every day, they face social rejection and are deemed lazy, unattractive, unmotivated and unhappy. Alarmingly, many obese individuals feel unable to challenge such stigma, so they passively accept and sometimes believe it.

We live in a world where we are constantly reminded that obesity is a “crisis”, an “epidemic”, that it is crippling the economy, and that it is a burden on society. These ideologies are disseminated throughout the news media, social media, by politicians and by health care professionals – and they are the birthplace of weight stigma.

Interesting. I could get on board with all that. 'Public Health' are responsible for a great deal of fat shaming and so are the media. Us smokers have been warning about this for a long time; that fat people will be next, along with others like drinkers or those who enjoy salt on their chips

It's certainly is time that 'public health' stopped bullying people for their lifestyle choices. So is this where the article is going? I smell a rat

The word “epidemic” is used as a metaphor to highlight the rising prevalence of obesity. But the definition of “epidemic” is the wide spreading occurrence of an infectious disease.
I would argue that this generates a level of fear and anguish towards obesity, perhaps suggesting that you should avoid obese people.

True. It's not an epedemic and the term also makes it sound like obesity is a lot more widespread than it actually is. It's scaremongering by 'public health' to give the impression they actually have something constructive to do

The “obesity epidemic” is only one of the many negative language examples I have found. Even more subtle, subconscious and potentially stigmatising is the coupling of the words “are” and “obese” in statements such as “One in eight people ARE obese”; “Children who ARE obese”, and “How can you tell if you ARE obese.”
Well, it can be argued that obesity is a medical condition. [...] obesity can be more complex than just a result of overeating and a lack of exercise.
So if obesity is a medical condition, it is not something that you “are”, it is something you “have”. It is rare that people are defined by a medical condition they have. You will never hear the phrases, “you are lupus”, or “you are meningitis”.

No. Not good. First up, being obese is not a medical condition in 99.9% of cases, it's simple more calories in than out.
Secondly, changing the meaning of language to be more sensitive to obese people is not the answer
You are fat is just as correct as you are a smoker. It's a descriptive term. It doesn't define a disease one has

May I suggest some answers of my own:
  • Stop saying epedemic. Neither being fat or smoking tobacco is an infectious disease. Nobody ever said, "Don't touch me, I might catch fat". It's not an epedemic
  • Stop saying obese when you really mean overweight 
Rather than change the language even further, do those two suggestions and correct already abused language
And more iportantly than all that, leave fat people alone. If they want help, it's available and they'll ask for it. Stop saying fat people cost society money, stop saying fat people should be forced to get thin, stop bullying fat people

And smokers
And everyone else

Leave us all alone


Doing the pay cap shuffle

Lefty economics 101

The Guardian reckons it would be much more financially responsible to give public sector workers a pay rise than to not do

I won't start quoting large chunks of this incredibly boring article. Suffice to say, the author reckons that if you give 2 billion to NHS workers and they spend half of it, that's a 1 billion cash injection into the wider economy

For example, if there is a £2bn increase in wages for NHS workers and they spend just half of this in shops, then shopkeepers will also receive income.

Strangely enough, the article begins with a claim from the author that they understand economics better than the Government.

Luckily, we’re not quite that bad at maths. Unfortunately, the Conservatives are still persuading many with the dodgy maths of their public spending cuts.

The meat of the article proves they have no grasp on economic at all

If 2 billion quid is given to NHS workers, shopkeepers get 1 billion of it. All very well, but where does the 2 billion come from in the first place?

  • The Government pays NHS wages
  • The Government has no money
  • The Government gets it's money in general taxation
  • Tax comes from the private sector only (Public sector wages are paid by taxes, so public sector taxes just put back a little of what they've taken out)
  • Shopkeepers are the private sector
  • Shopkeepers (and the rest of us in the private sector) pay the original 2 billion and then get 1 billion back
Therefore, a 2 billion pay rise for NHS workers does not give a 1 billion cash injection to the economy, it takes 1 billion out of the economy by removing it from private sector pay ond giving it to NHS workers in their pay

The pay cap is in place because public sector wages have been ahead of the private sector for a long time and they need to be brought back in line, not further widened by a 2 billion pound gap

And there's one other thing missing from the 'analysis' in this article: How much does it costs to take 2 billion in taxes from the private sector and re-distribute it to public sector wages? How many beurocrats are emplyed in the huge task of collecting that money and moving it around?

If you take 2 billion in tax, there certainly won't be 2 billion left when it goes into the wage packets on the NHS. A large chunk of it will have been swalled up in the wage packets of other Government lackeys in the tax system

No, a 2 billion pound pay rise for the NHS is not an economically viable option. The best thing to do with that money is leave it right where it is, in the pockets of the taxpayer. It's the cheaper option and if we want to, we can still spend it in shops

Food Hygiene Ratings

It was Mrs Buckos birthday yesterday so we decided to have a cheeky Chinese.

We normally go to a place in town called Wangs. There was a report in the local rag just yesterday morning, about some food outlets that had received very poor food hygiene ratings. Wangs was in there with a score of one

It makes me wonder what actually goes into calculating these scores, because we have used Wangs for years and the food is always cracking.

Anyhoo, Wangs is shut on a Tuesday, so we had no choice but to use a different Chinese. Mrs Buckos food was good, but unspectacular My fish and chips were pants. The fish was small, dry and tasteless. The chips could only have been larger than normal oven chips. They were dry, overly crispy and had no salt and vinegar. I'll stick with Wangs in future

So I know there is a lot to do with paperwork when calculating food hygiene scores, but what else goes into it? Anybody know? It certainly can't be anything to do with the quality of the food. Wangs with it's score of one, is always really good. This gaff that wasn't on the list, so presumably had a good score, was pants

So could it have just been a random crappy experience, or do I put my tinfoil hat on and suggest this may be the future of food with increased nanny meddling? Only tasteless crap with no unhealthy ingredients makes it through the inspection?

Nah. Can't be that

Snowflake of the day

Couple left stranded on way to airport in Cyprus after driver overcome with mystery illness, left traumatised.

Oh noes! A holiday nightmare! How did they ever get home?

After a two weeks in Cyprus, Scott Majury and his partner Kerryanne Smith were making their way back to the airport when their taxi driver was taken ill at the side of the road.

"It was very strange, about 40 minutes into the journey the driver stopped and got out to speak with someone on a red moped.
"Then he asked if we wanted a drink and stopped at a garage.
Mr Majury said: "On his way back to the car he was staggering and swaying all over the place, he looked like he was drunk.
"As he went to get in the car he fell onto the front seat.
"At first it looked like he was laughing then my girlfriend said he was having a fit.
"I jumped over into the front seat to see if he was alright and he looked like he was choking.
"We rang for an ambulance but no help was coming so some of the locals drove his taxi to the hospital.
"We were left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

In the middle of nowhere. With a garage. And locals. And with a phone. Oh dear

"My girlfriend was crying and saying what are we going to do we're going to miss our flight.

With apparently no concern for the fate of the taxi driver

"We managed to get a taxi...

So you weren't stranded then?

but he charged us the equivalent of £66 for a journey that we had paid for in the price of the holiday.
Of course he charged you, he wasn't a charity taxi driver and the holiday company hadn't paid him in advance

"To top it all off, I was searched and swabbed for drugs at the airport because I was so panicked I must have looked suspicious.
"I was really embarrassed, they could have taken me someone private to do it.

Oh grow up, that happens all the time. It's bollocks, granted, but it's not unusual. It's happened to Mrs Bucko that often that it's become a private joke to us when we're in an airport. She's obviously made of sterner stuff than this chap though, because she's never been left embarrassed or traumatised

Mr Majury has contacted his holiday provider who have returned the money they paid for the taxi.
So no problem at all then? Nothing to see here, move along

"It is good of them to offer but it does not make up for the trauma of what we went through.
"It was really shocking and scary, you would have to be put in that situation to understand.

Oh for fucks sake! Is this what we've come to? I hope we never get invaded

At least they get a good old tubbing in the comments. Why do papers keep giving column space to these muppets?